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Lucio Dreaming…

New Raku DisksSo, someone tell me what it means when you have a dream that you walk into a beauty salon and it’s Lucio Bubaccos.  No, he’s not a famous hair stylist, if you don’t know, but he is a premier Italian glass worker.

Here’s the deal…I walked in and the place was packed, of course…it’s Lucio Bubacco.  If you’ve never met him, I haven’t personally, but I was fortunate enough to have my booth at the Fall Tucson Best Bead Show right across from him and the other Itailian glassworkers that travelled with him.  It was amazing to watch people swoon and practically fall at his feet all weekend.  He was also demonstrating his techniques.

Anyway…the dream.  I was just wandering around and when I walked in he told me that he’d love to do my hair.  How funny is that?  Well, I had just gotten a haircut that I was pretty fond of when he told me that it would be $275.  Well, that cleared that up and I declined, thank-you-very-much.  But then I thought, it was Lucio BuBACCO!  He said he wanted to do it anyway, and what about some color, like the stylist over there, who had blue hair.  I thought, a funky color would be cool, but blue?  Nah.  I started pondering colors and thought maybe a couple green streaks right down the front.  I thought natural contrasting highlights but no, that would be too boring…this is a chance of a lifetime, go bold!

So, he escorted me to a corner of the busy salon to his chair…not unlike the other chairs, just not in the beauty shop like mirrored rows of the other designers.  Then I woke up.

I almost got a makeover from Lucio Bubacco.  I’m a little afraid because honestly, I’ve never really been a fan of his goblet work…it’s kind of scary in a Dante’s Inferno and Gates of Hell, kind of way.  But, he is a master, and the technique, regardless of my like or dislike of the content is phenomenal.  So, what does that say about me?