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Free Lampwork Glass Bead Tutorial…

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Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge…

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Where is your greener grass?


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Glitter immersion program…

Now that I’ve overcome my fear of bright colors I’m ready for the next challenge.  Glitter.  I know, that doesn’t have much to do with glass bead making but I have an aversion to glitter.  While you may think that’s not such a bad thing, it is troubling me. Everywhere I look people are glittering it up.

I flip the tv channels and craft shows are glittering.  The Crafty Chica, whose blog I read, has a book dedicated to glittery things.  Glitter.  It’s everywhere and once again, people love it and I don’t get it.

I’m seriously considering glitter immersion in some form or another.  First off, I’m looking for a ‘glitter ring’. What is that?  I don’t really know, but forcing myself to wear a ring with glitter sounds like a good first step.  Now, should I look for regular old fashioned glitter or a micro-glitter?  See…all these choices.

As with the bright colors, I am slowly transforming myself into a new and more sparkly me.  What are your aversions? Care to tackle them alongside me?

Don’t forget about the post below where I am offering up a challenge to do a new design every month or so.  There are a couple people interested…how about you?

Glass bead auctions on…

ruby scrimmage landscape glass focal beadDid you notice that I put images to my auctions over there on the right?  I haven’t listed there in a long time and now that I’m in a show lull I thought I’d get back on auction for a while.  I let you know last week that I put one up on ebay too.  I’ll work out so that the images are on the side there for that too, as the days go on.

As for auctions…why on both eBay and JustBeads?  Well, eBay gets the bigger, more expensive sets and I use it more for just getting people’s attention so they might come to my web site and buy other beads that aren’t as expensive.  JustBeads, right now, is for some experimental, one of a kind pieces that need to move before they take over the studio.

When I’m in ‘design mode’ working on next show season’s lines, lots and lots of ‘stepping stone’ work gets made.  The good thing about stepping stone work is that it gets me to where I want to be with a design and they’re all one of a kind.  The bad thing about stepping stone work is that I don’t get enough of the same thing to go into a piece that requires multiple beads in the same design style and like I said, they start taking over my space.  So, that’s good for you. AND, because there is so much of it, I start them as 99-cent-ers on JustBeads so you could get a real deal!  I would say that my stepping stone beads would (and will) normally sell from $18 to $28 at shows.  Wire wrap them on silver wire into a pendant and put them on a cord and they’d become a $35-$50 piece.

Great little pendants make great gifts…

This is what I’ve been up to. More dots, smaller beads, but not as small as small dot beads. Of course, I can’t have just a solid base of color so I had to frit ’em up. Even the larger dotted beads that look like they’re solid colored base are coated with thick layers of enamels. There is just something about straight-from-the-rod color that turns me off. Who knows though…it could be my next passion.

dotted art bead pendants

I can’t stop making them, and why should I? The day will come when I’m off to the next thing so I’ve learned to not say, ‘I could make these forever!’ because I know I can’t, or won’t. So, I ride the wave while it’s running.

I just love handfuls of beads and I’m convinced that more of any kind of bead is better. Alone these babies are great but look at ’em in a group…a group of anything. It takes a special mind to be able to appreciate one simple item but just about anyone can appreciate a picture of lots, don’t you think?

Oh, and did I  mention that these will be up on the web site as specials this week?  You’ll be the first to know if you’re on my weekly email list!

Tales of things to come…

Purple watercolor glass silver necklaceI am EX-CI-TED!  I have had a small kiln that I bought when I was certified in PMC, oh, probably about EIGHT years ago?  Has PMC even been around that long?  Needless to say, I didn’t do much PMC and it’s been sitting around waiting around for me.  My PMC is on the way and I just cured my kiln shelves to do some fusing for the first time ever.   I have also been saving all of my test beads, ugly beads and cracked beads for this day.  Now I just need to make sure they’re really clean.  I have grand ideas and I hope they work out.  Basically, fusing some of my cracked test beads and then setting them into silver for unique clasps.  Secondly, doing some off-the-end-of-the-mandrel work and making some caps for them.  We’ll see.  We’ll see.

While I learned the basics of setting in silver via soldering, I didn’t really take to that.  But I didn’t take to PMC either…ha ha ha…so maybe the silver fabrication will click with me in about 7 years or so.   I like the organic look of the PMC and it seems easier to me because I worked so much in polymer in the past.  Whereas, I haven’t given the cutting and soldering of silver enough of a chance for me to feel proficient with it, PMC is calling me.

In the meantime, here is a cool necklace I made to match a bracelet that a customer purchased at the Bead Museum while I was the featured artist there.  While I’m not primarily a jewelry designer, I’m very happy with this!