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Elusive Lampwork Beads Magically Turn Into Pods…


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How to be successful in the art business…


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Oh no. What did I do?

glass lampwork focal bead lori greenbergDo you ever get that feeling of ‘oh no. what did I just do?’ I’ve had that feeling a few times in my life when big decisions were made and there was no turning back. Even if I was happy with the decision it was the feeling of being forced to stay committed to something based on my own choices. I felt that way the day we signed the papers for our house. That was a big decision. I felt that way the morning I woke up after I got married. Hee hee. I felt that way when I took my first pregnancy test. No turning back now guys. So no use in worrying about whether it was a good or bad decision.

I also felt that way the first time I turned my torch on in my studio. I had previously been working in polymer clay and sold everything to fund the new glass lampwork studio. I was fully committed to glass in all of my beginner-ness. I was so excited. I had been renting torch time at Cave Creek Glassworks and decided I was ready to have a place where I didn’t have to pack up my supplies every time I worked.

The day came to light my torch and and aside from being terrified of it exploding because of the way I hooked up the gas and oxygen, I was giddy with anticipation. It lit just fine. The fire stayed where it was supposed to. Ventilation worked perfectly. Time to melt some glass. I made my first donut bead (I worked very tiny in those early days) and it didn’t work like I expected. I tried a few more and it wasn’t feeling as good as it was supposed to or as it had in the past. It was then that I had the distinct feeling that I had made a big mistake. I missed my polymer. What had I done?

I still get that feeling every once in a while. I have so much time and money invested into this thing they call glass lampwork. Some days (usually after a long day of production work) I wonder what would happen if I started to lose the desire to do it? What if someone moves my cheese? What would I do? What if one day the designs just stopped coming out of me and never returned? What would I do? I see people changing mediums and working into different areas like painting and precious metal clay and it scares me a little bit. It’s like breaking up with a boyfriend and having to start all over.

And then I tell myself to stop it and focus on what I’m doing. If that day were ever to come, I’d be ready for the change, right? Yikes.

Unconventional inspiration…

ford and forlano city zen caneToday, while making beads, I was thinking about what inspires me. Usually it’s words and people’s stories but I started thinking specifically about images that inspire me and how they influence my work. It was interesting to me that the things that inspire me don’t necessarily inspire my work. Like Ford and Forlano, f/k/a CityZen Cane. When I worked in polymer I remember their ikat technique (I can’t find an image anywhere…they must have erased those days from their memories). But they worked in very bright, vivid colors. Their work has transformed into very high end gallery jewelry of polymer clay and precious metals…very earthy and organic. Love it. Seeing the images of their work just makes me want to create.

I guess I call this unconventional inspiration because when I think of being inspired I think of work I look at that has influenced my work directly…not something that is just plain amazing. Hm. I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

Another thing that inspires me is animation. I think I wrote about this a long long time ago but Bing and Bong inspire me. Those flockers are beads waiting to happen. I’ll have to finish that thought later since I have to run out right now. Enjoy the F&F site!