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Things I know about fish food…now

This is definitely a picture that you do not want to see in your own home. And I can’t even yell at a kid because I did it. ARGH!

But, as with any mistake or accident, it was an opportunity to learn. Did you know that flake goldfish food defies physics? If you spill it, it doubles in size…both on the surface it spills onto and upon returning it to the canister. Kind of like Chinese food…the more you eat, the more it looks like you have on your plate. I now have more fish food than before I spilled it.

Now, PETA don’t come and get me but, I hope my fish know what is good for them and what isn’t…they always seem to spit out the poops when they accidentally take one in, initially thinking it was food. For the duration of this can of food, they may have opportunity to sample the random crumb, piece of glitter or maybe even a cat hair that is left from when my mom’s cat stayed with us over the holiday. I just swept whatever I could off of the counter, where the kids work on the computer and do crafts, right back into the container. Have you ever spilled an expensive can of powdered baby formula? Ok, we won’t go there. Don’t get me wrong…I clean up after the kids when they’re done creating but you can’t get every piece of glitter, ya know? And just when you think you have gotten every bit, you realize at the end of the day that you’ve had that one speck on your cheek. I’m sure I’ve eaten my own fair share of things like that, that I shouldn’t have eaten…and I’m just fine. I think. Well. Never mind. When I would complain about something being dirty my great-grandma would tell me, “Everyone eats a bushel of dirt during their life time.” Thanks grandma, and fish…I don’t want to hear any whining about it.