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Stitch it with a wiggle…

lori greenberg stitched with a twist glass bead

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Carnival of Creators

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Challenge closed…

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Are you glass bead makers up for a challenge?

Hey glass bead makers.  Are you up for a challenge?  One that would help us to really push ourselves creatively?

If you work on new designs for each season or just new designs in general you know that coming up with them is no easy feat. Yeah, sometimes you’ll get a great idea or something comes to you but I bet it’s not as easy as that sounds.

Are you in a slump?  Do you wish you could develop your own style?  Do you want to share the process and maybe even show the world along the way?

I ask again, are you up to a challenge?  One new bead design a month for 12 months.  That’s a pretty big committment, yes?  Come on.  I know there has to be a handful of you out there that are up for it.  Depending on how many of you are out there I have some ideas.

Email me or comment here if you’re game and we can toss around ideas.  All I ask is that you be committed.

Unconventional inspiration…

ford and forlano city zen caneToday, while making beads, I was thinking about what inspires me. Usually it’s words and people’s stories but I started thinking specifically about images that inspire me and how they influence my work. It was interesting to me that the things that inspire me don’t necessarily inspire my work. Like Ford and Forlano, f/k/a CityZen Cane. When I worked in polymer I remember their ikat technique (I can’t find an image anywhere…they must have erased those days from their memories). But they worked in very bright, vivid colors. Their work has transformed into very high end gallery jewelry of polymer clay and precious metals…very earthy and organic. Love it. Seeing the images of their work just makes me want to create.

I guess I call this unconventional inspiration because when I think of being inspired I think of work I look at that has influenced my work directly…not something that is just plain amazing. Hm. I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

Another thing that inspires me is animation. I think I wrote about this a long long time ago but Bing and Bong inspire me. Those flockers are beads waiting to happen. I’ll have to finish that thought later since I have to run out right now. Enjoy the F&F site!

Follow my creative process, if you can…

elusive glass lampwork bead set lori greenburgI told you I’d be back. Better late than never.  I’ve just been feeling a bit stumped as to what to write today and I think it meant that I needed to spend a little more time with my kids.  So, tonight, after a school picnic fund-raiser we watched tv.  Together.  I don’t watch much tv (unless it’s right before I go to sleep and I can Tivo).  But tonight we did.

I would have to say that one of my guilty pleasures is hokey pre-adolescent tv shows.  I don’t know if that is the correct definition of ‘guilty pleasure’ but for some reason I just love those shows.  Tonight we watched ‘Go Figure‘ about a young girl that wants to train in ice skating.  Looks as if there is a series now too.  The movie was enough, thank-you-very-much.  I won’t bore you with more of what we watched because this wasn’t what I set out to write about here anyway.

The beads.  More ‘Shivers’ beads, although I haven’t named this series that.  These are just a handful of quickie experiments to see colors together.  As you can see, I made three in the one color scheme and I am wondering to myself, why?  Wouldn’t one be enough to see if the colors work?  But then I remembered why.  My theory that a bunch of anything together always looks good but just one bracelet-sized bead can look very mediocre.  A few or more can strike you.  So that’s why.  I have to give them a chance to strike me.

So, why only one of the other kind?  Because I knew as I made it that it didn’t work.  Not that the colors didn’t work but that extra stripe of black along the ribbon cane didn’t pan out as I hoped so I didn’t waste my time making more.  You see, I do have a whole process, even when I’m experimenting.  It’s what I call my ‘methodical creativity.’

I have many more to show you but I thought I’d do them in order and give a running commentary on the process.  So, stick around.  Bookmark me.  Maybe even subscribe up there on the right.

See my most current ‘shivers’ beads on eBay.  Even though they’re not called Shivers.

Tap into creativity in motion…

As I’m working today I’m starting to formulate what I will show and talk about at the Arizona Society of Glass Beadmaker’s demo day this Sunday. I have a chunk of time to fill and there is so much to tell. I think I could show everything I know in that amount of time but have been told is unrealistic and modest…hee hee.   There’s that thing of needing to wait for the glass to melt….if only I could work as fast as the words that come out of my mouth…I’d be able to teach everything I know in ten minutes or so.

I am realizing that I have more to say about the creative process and being unique, or trying to be unique, and developing a style than I do about the actual techniques. I’d rather teach and inspire creativity than how to pull a stringer and put in onto a ball of glass. I wonder if that’s even something you can teach; creativity, that is. Or if anyone is even interested in that. I try to share as much of that as I can here but oh to talk about it in action! That is when the words and thoughts are fresh and raw…while in the zone. The other thing I wonder about is whether I’d go into the zone while demo-ing in front of a large group.  It’s one thing to have it going on in your head but for it to actually come out of your mouth?  Interesting concept, I think.

shiver beads glass lampwork lori greenbergShown here are some more beads a la the Shivers set that is on eBay for a couple more hours…These haven’t made it into a set because I’ve been trying different color combinations.  I’ll show more as the days go on.  In the meantime, I’ve veered back into focals again…small affordable ones this time and I’m going to explore a set that matches one of them so I can keep up my eBay promise of having a killer set up regularly.  I do think I should do more sets for the specials though, don’t you?