Elusive Lampwork Beads Magically Turn Into Pods…


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2 responses to “Elusive Lampwork Beads Magically Turn Into Pods…

  1. Lori, I was one of those people that was called from across the room to oooh and ahhh your peads, I told you that I knew of your beads from E-bay and your website and that incrediblyu your beads were even more fantastic in person thatn in the photographs. I wanted to purchase on e of the Elusive series but there was not one on the table that was calling my name yet.

    I am here on your site to search again for my own bead, the one that will be on my jewelry and not one for sale (I make and sell jewelry from artist designed lampwork beads). I had to post to your blag and tell you what a wonderful, uplifting feeling it was to handle your beads, and I was pleased to meet you and your mother.

    I hope to see you again soon.

    Carlotta from Southern California

  2. Thanks Carlotta! What cool compliments. If you can make it, September 7, 8 and 9 there is a show in Tucson. I’ll be at the Tucson Convention Center with over a hundred other art bead makers! Maybe it’s not that long of a trip from SoCal?

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