Free Lampwork Glass Bead Tutorial…

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Thanks!  See you there!

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2 responses to “Free Lampwork Glass Bead Tutorial…

  1. I saw that in the mag, and I had meant to e-mail you to tell you that that is one kickass necklace… the beads, the silk, all the stuff that’s in it… but I forgot! So I’ll tell you here, in front of your fans and groupies, and the whole world so they can go check it out NOW if they haven’t already – that is ONE kickass necklace! Drooool!Fran

  2. Why, thank you Miss Fran!

    It turned more into, what I feel is, a sculpture. I always marvel at women wearing big-ole-statement-making jewelry and love it. Me? Not my thang to wear but it sure is fun to make!

    I think the picture could have been better but you know how anal I can be about pictures. I wish I could photograph whole pieces better…I better work on that.

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