Rain rain, it went away and to along some walls…

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2 responses to “Rain rain, it went away and to along some walls…

  1. I always loved monsoon season when I lived in AZ – it was so different than living in the midwest and in the south! So much of AZ is of course.

    I have to clarify your definition of 500-year flood plane though. It doesn’t mean that it necessarily floods every 500 years. This is the USGS’ definition:

    Refers to a flood level that has a specified percent chance of being equaled or exceeded in any given year. For example, a 100-year flood occurs on average once every 100 years and thus has a 1-percent chance of occurring in a given year.

    In my mind it’s an important distinction. It doesn’t mean this won’t happen again to you or your property for 500 years. It’s based on the percentage likelihood that it might.

    I enjoy reading your blog!


  2. Thanks Hilary! I just remember seeing it in our closing documents when we went for homeowners insurance and thought, “ok, we should be good for a while” but I know how weather is…especially these days. I hope that’s our one for a long time but you never know. Every year someone gets it bad…this year was us up in Cave Creek/Care Free.

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