Summertime for the self-employed…

amber garden glass focal bead lori greenberg

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4 responses to “Summertime for the self-employed…

  1. “Will they grow up thinking, hey, that’s cool…I want to do that. Or will they lack a work ethic?”

    I don’t think so. Not when they see a mother working at home in alternative ways (whether it is a business, college classes, volunteer work, training etc) .I was a stay at home mum, but a very active one. My kids are 25 and 23 now and I can tell you they both have an excellent work ethic. They LOVEd that I was home, but they never saw me as a housewife or sitting around on my arse all day. I think its all about attitude. So from one ma to another, don’t fret.

  2. Thanks! I worry about it once in a while but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. What a beautiful bead girlfriend!!

  4. If they grow up to follow in your footsteps and be self-employed, pat yourself on the back. It means they have learned to follow your dream. And that they can make the dream happen.
    As far as work ethic, they probably see you working nearly any day of the week, and at all different hours of the day. They have probably seen your push to a deadline. You are giving them more lessons it what work is by being at home and working….attire is not work, so don’t sweat the sweatpants!

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