I’ll be your roving glass reporter…

Lori Greenberg Glass Cascade bead

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2 responses to “I’ll be your roving glass reporter…

  1. Jenny Friske-Baer

    Hi Lori! Well, I took your advice from yesterday’s blog post. I was feeling mighty sorry for myself ‘cuz I didn’t go to Bead&Button and then even sorrier since I won’t be at Tuscon… so I bought a bead from a really great artist – YOU! I’ve been looking at those stitched beads forever and finally decided I wanted to own one of yours for my “collection”. So there you go. Keep up the great work blogging – I keep thinking about starting one myself for all those random thoughts floating around in my head. One of these days – lol! And by the way – I think your latest series is getting better and better with every bead!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks so much,
    Jenny Friske-Baer

  2. Youve just jumped half a step ahead of me! I was at a conference over the weekend about almost exactly that – using blogs to highlight your products, increase your traffic and just to become part of the ‘hot right now’ crowd and create a buzz for your industry. And of course being the beginner beader/ jewellery person I am I immediately thought of my own sad blog and the community that we are part of. How exciting! I cant waitto read all your entries because you are one of my fav bloggers and of course an inspiration in your artwork too (beads!). Not to mention a really great read!

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