The grass IS greener…

turquoise and green glass slider large hole

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5 responses to “The grass IS greener…

  1. Oh Lori, you are going to be mad at me. Seems I live in one of those ideal places with lots of dirt, green, and rain. Lots of lush stuff growing right now here in Michigan.

    And yet I despise yard work. I don’t have the green thumb at all. I enjoy the greenery, but only when someone else tends to it. For me it is such a chore to deal with everything.

    And right now is especially difficult, because I have spent all season working so hard to get ready for the show this weekend, and when I return, I feel like everything is so out of control in the yard, I am overwhelmed and just give up.

    I know I shouldn’t complain, but sometimes the greener grass isn’t quite as green as you might think…

  2. I’m with you. Sand, sand, sand. El Paso is a big change from the green of the Carolinas from whence we came…

    But still – we have our own beauties here, eh?

  3. Lori….Lori….Lori…. Neenerneenerneener! 😉

  4. Sydney Pinkerton

    Have you ever thought of creating raised flower beds? They’re like flower boxes, only bigger. They can be made of stone or wood (stone preferable). You can fill them with black dirt and plant anything as long as you water them and tend them regularly. That’s what drip systems are for I guess.

  5. I’m going to have to send you pictures of my next door neighbor’s wonderful xeriscaped garden… you can do amazing things without much water if you are so inclined!!!

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