Where is your greener grass?


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4 responses to “Where is your greener grass?

  1. Lori – I can very much relate to this – I am a talented bead / pendant maker but the finished products that I see jewelry makers complete just blow me away!!! Some times I just have to tell myself that I am still part of the process of that finished product – most likely the designer can’t make the beads I make anymore than I can make the finished jewelry she makes. But still – I’d love to have that feeling of producing that finished, finalized piece of stunning jewelry in my hand and be able to say “I did that”. I guess it takes a whole village to produce great art jewelry ….

    – Elaine

  2. Without your beads there wouldn’t be jewellery artist.

  3. Thank you thank you for the encouragement!

  4. Fascinating! Here I am envying bead makers because I can “only” make jewelry! It never occurred to me that bead makers might also think that way. Maybe creative types think the grass is greener because we want to do it ALL. I know that my creative goals are always changing–once I master a skill, I start looking around for the next challenge.

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