Unconventional inspiration…

ford and forlano city zen caneToday, while making beads, I was thinking about what inspires me. Usually it’s words and people’s stories but I started thinking specifically about images that inspire me and how they influence my work. It was interesting to me that the things that inspire me don’t necessarily inspire my work. Like Ford and Forlano, f/k/a CityZen Cane. When I worked in polymer I remember their ikat technique (I can’t find an image anywhere…they must have erased those days from their memories). But they worked in very bright, vivid colors. Their work has transformed into very high end gallery jewelry of polymer clay and precious metals…very earthy and organic. Love it. Seeing the images of their work just makes me want to create.

I guess I call this unconventional inspiration because when I think of being inspired I think of work I look at that has influenced my work directly…not something that is just plain amazing. Hm. I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

Another thing that inspires me is animation. I think I wrote about this a long long time ago but Bing and Bong inspire me. Those flockers are beads waiting to happen. I’ll have to finish that thought later since I have to run out right now. Enjoy the F&F site!

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