Studio Series – I love Smooth N Tuff bead release…

Can you tell what this jumbled mess is? It’s about a million little beads on mandrels. I couldn’t get a clear picture of them all spread out so I did it this way. There are only 49 mandrels but a total of 87 beads. While it’s not an impressive display of 87 highly decorated beads, it’s still 87 beads that I’m going to have to clean.

glass spacer beads on mandrels lori greenburg

My wrists are thanking the heavens for the new Smooth N Tuff bead release by Foster Fire. These babies will just slip right off. This is my favorite bead release to date and will stay that way probably until someone comes up with a bead release that just washes away in water…no cleaning required…which this one almost does. Get on it Robin!

Ok, back to orders.

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