Elusive beads raise the bar…

glass lampwork elusive bead lori greenburgDude! Check it out! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. This has to be one of the cooler beads to come out of the Elusive series. I think that will be their name because I just can’t think of anything. Not that my naming of late has been that creative. I love how the orange takes on a rusty feel and the grape looks like, well, grapes. The grape dots incorporate areas of the Lauscha color of the month…whatever that purple was called. (I’ll go look it up). Well, I don’t see a web site for them (Marcie Davis) but it’s the purple color. It’s actually a brilliant purple that is supposed to do some pretty cool stuff but I only used a smidge to give a richer color to my other purple, and layered it over other colors.

This style goes very well on a lentil, don’t you think? This baby is 1.25″ and nice and chunky.

I could write about it all day but I only have childcare until 1:00 so I better get to the torch. I’ll come back with something more interesting (for you non-beady readers) later. If you want something to do, go check out the new specials I put up. www.lorigreenberg.com.

2 responses to “Elusive beads raise the bar…

  1. These beads are the coolest! So colorful and textural.
    art beads r’us!

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