I don’t get shoe lovers…

experimental glass bead lori greenburgHow many times can one person step on tiny shards of glass, in a glass studio, where tiny shards of glass are known to live, before they realize it’s time to start wearing shoes? While that seems like a hypothetical question, it isn’t. So I ask, when will I learn?

Since moving to Arizona 10 years ago I have developed an aversion to shoes. Definitely an aversion to shoes that require anything more than sliding my foot in. I do wear tennis shoes (are they still called that?) when I know I’m going to need long-standing comfort. But other than that I wear big clunky slip ons or flip flops. Yay! It’s flip flop season again.

Now, not that that flip flops are that much of an inconvenience that I couldn’t be wearing them in the studio but my feet don’t like anything on them. They tell me this. And I know, I know, open shoes are not the best for flying glass safety either. I can’t work with shoes on for some reason. I was concerned that at my demo this weekend that I’d want to take my shoes of and work barefoot. Don’t ask me why. My feet have nothing to do with my work.

As I think about wearing something at least on the bottom of my feet for safety from stepping on tiny pieces of glass I hear a voice in my head telling me, ‘But it really doesn’t happen that often, and when it does, it’s really not that big of a piece of glass, and you do get them out pretty easily, and it really doesn’t hurt for that long. It’s worth it.’ What kind of reasoning is that??? Put on some dang shoes Greenberg!

Oh, and obligatory bead reference (see how long I was able to stay on track with only talking beads and bead business? A week? Maybe two?) The bead shown here is an earlier experiment with the encased stringer cane in shades of purple. Once again using a large band of color and some dots to fill surface area in order to not have to place as many dots. You guys aren’t falling all over these and you really should be because I showed them at the demo and they were well-loved. I hate when I hear ‘you really need to seem them in person’ but it’s the truth. I’m going to bring lots to my show in August and then Tucson in September. This design is a winner if I do say so myself.

So, it was Monet’s then Stitched beads and now these…still don’t have a name for them but they will be my line this year, for now. I can’t wait to be called to the earth tones some more. I’ll still have some Stitched beads for a while too since they’re still popular.

2 responses to “I don’t get shoe lovers…

  1. Hey, I’m pretty proud of myself! Lately I’ve been keeping up with blogs (it’s sort of an addiction for me, and I have to make a conscious effort to stay away, otherwise I don’t get anything done). Anyway, in answer to your first question: When your foot meets up with a piece of glass bigger than shard-size, and it gets stuck, and you can’t pull it out, ’cause you can’t see it through all the blood gushing out. That’s when. And Monet, Stitched, and these new ones… all sublime, all Greenberg, but what about the Pop Art beads? Those were SO cool, too! I saw a few of those beadies, and then all of a sudden no more! Man, wouldn’t I love to feast my eyes on some Pop Arts in brights all over! But whatever moves you, all your beads shine, shine, shine!

  2. Hee hee. Thanks Fran. I haven’t had that happen yet but it sounds like someone else might have.

    Ahhhh, Pop Art. I LOVE those beads but buyers just kind of looked at them like, ‘huh’? I don’t think the public appreciates a good, hollow (be it popped or not) bead. They don’t realize what goes into it. But, the brights are a great idea!

    Thanks again…and your newest bent beads are pretty dang cool too!

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