Everything I know…

Quick update before I run out.  I’m off to the ASGB’s demo day where I will attempt to teach everything I know in one hour and 45 minutes.  When requesting ideas for beads one time, Kalera Stratton, the Bead Wife (don’t you love that bead on her home page???), suggested making one bead with every technique I’ve ever known.  I thought, no way, I couldn’t possibly make that work.  Well, today just might be the day.

I’ve titled my demo “Everything I know:  Tools, enamels and frit”  I plan on showing a Monet bead in the Large nugget shape with bear hugs on the sides.  That will cover encasing, frit, enamels and a tool shape.  A stitched bead that will cover more enamels and specifically applied frit as well as encased stringer and layering of transparent colors in a hand shaped, organic tab form.  And then I’m stumped.  But I’ll come up with something.

I’d better go pack up my stuff as I have to leave in about half an hour.

I just added a new tag for the blog, “tutorials”.  I’ve been a bit stumped for topics since I’ve splintered off to another blog for non-glass related posts.  And glass bead tutorials don’t really fit over on the Art Bead Scene blog that I write for so I decided right now that I’ll start putting up some tutorials.  I’ll start from simple techniques for beginners and work my way up to more complex things.  Everyone is invited to email me and let me know what you’d be interested in seeing.  If I can do it, I’ll show you and after I do mine I’ll link to others out there that I find too.  So let me know!  Don’t be shy!

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