Use your enemies…

etched compartment glass lampwork bead lori greenburgI read a few blogs regarding blogging, on a regular basis. Doesn’t that sound exciting? There is a post today on CopyBlogger that talks about enemies. Remember when I wrote about enemies? Well, here’s the subject again.

In the article Brian Clark explains why you should have an enemy or enemies. And if you don’t have one, go find one. He explains that it’s a common ground that you can connect on with your readers. Fight the machine. Or the common enemy that you and your readers may share.

So I thought about that. Usually I take in the advice of the infamous CopyBlogger and it does help. But this one I’m not so sure about. Maybe it’s because I feel that if I slay dragons I need to go on a rant and that is not what I want to do here. I also would rather not spread negativity. Whomever or whatever I might see as an enemy, no matter how large or pervasive the issue, there is always another side and that means other people that feel the opposite. I would rather not stir a pot just to get people in my corner unless I’m ready to step up and be an active part of a solution. But I know…never say never.

So, hypothetically, if we were to have an enemy who do you think it would be? eBay fees? Cheap imported beads? Probably both of those together. So, should I champion a cause and get some angry people in my corner? Nah.

4 responses to “Use your enemies…

  1. I think this may be one of those topics that I mentioned won’t work for the “create an enemy” tactic. The possible one’s you mentioned made me smile though. 😉

  2. Thanks for the follow-up Brian! I think the market I blog for has a lot of exceptions to successful blogging ‘rules.’ Maybe not. Sometimes I just poke tongue in cheek to get the link across to fellow bloggers too.

  3. This idea really got me thinking – who/what might my enemy be and how does this apply to my bead and pendant production. Most likely ideas like time management, organization and setting priorities. Boring stuff, but I’m guessing bloggers out there could give me all kinds of “attack advice” to combat those enemies!

  4. Ooooo! You’re so smart and creative! Of course! Common enemies like that! I would say that blogging itself and computer surfing are one of my enemies. I might just have to write about that…Thanks for the comment Elaine!

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