Beads talk to you, they really do…

compartmental glass bead lori greenburgA couple days ago I put the new beads up for sale on my other site.  If you like natural organic forms, these might intrigue you.  It has been an exercise in letting glass be glass.  Not manipulating it and forcing it into a form but allowing it to flow and be uneven,  naturally, the way molten glass wants to be.

It’s interesting that, as much as I have worked with press tools to achieve specific shapes, the more I am being drawn to more organic shapes.  Not necessarily the actual shape but like I said above, the places to where the glass likes to flow on its own.

When you pick up one of these beads (as people have experienced with the stitched beads) you can feel it.  Really, you can.  There is something there that seeps into you and for some, wearing it just isn’t enough.  You need to hold it and try to understand it.  Maybe that is a new line of jewelry…palm bracelets.  Not very functional, I know.

I miss shows.  I miss seeing reactions when you hold my beads.  Come see me in August at  Art Unraveled in Phoenix, AZ.

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