Hot Head torch ramble…

Another Harvest Moon.  These will be on my ‘big girl’ site this week when I complete my update.  See what I mean about compartmentalizing parts of our lives?  Distinguishing my sales site from my fun site and yet again my ‘be real’ site.

When I hear someone refer to something as ‘big girl’ it reminds me of a conversation on one of the glass bead forums a few years or more ago where someone referred to upgrading from their Hot Head torch to a oxygen-propane set up as getting a ‘big girl’ torch.

While I get tired of political correctness I can understand this…it’s as if Hot Heads and the people that use them are ‘less than’ when referred to that way.  While the equipment might be less expensive, flames can’t be maniuplated as much, and they just don’t get as hot I see no reason to believe that they, or the work from them, are inferior.  Is that PC enough?

Perhaps it’s the fact that they’re affordable that people refer to them that way.  Ask anyone that works on one how affordable the fuel is (over the long run) and that perception might change.  And think about this…the Japanese beadmakers work on torches that are run by aquarium-type pumps for their air source.  Does that make them less than?

I’ve never worked on a Hot Head but sometimes, when nothing is going right and my stringer and glass are melting out of control for a split second I wish I were on a Hot Head so it would slow me down and make me focus.  And then I remember I can just turn the torch flame down myself.

Anyway, I don’t know how I got off on that other than by referring to my ‘big girl’ site…not meaning to discount this site.  It’s just that that site is the one where I do business.  This one is where I have fun.  I think I need to do some more compartmental beads, don’t you?  I’m starting to forget who I am today.  Am I that selling person or that rambling writing person?  I have a method to my madness, really, I do!

3 responses to “Hot Head torch ramble…

  1. We love both the selling person and the rambling writing person so please dont change!

    And thankyou for making me feel better about my poor little Hot Head. Even I refer to larger torches as Big Girl torches – like the larger faster torches are something you HAVE to grow to. Which is funny cause Ive never found it limits me in anything other than making Raku and the silver colours work properly.

    But youve made me finally feel like a real beadmaker/artist. Thankyou! Amazing how something can change with such a subtle change in perspective isnt it?!

  2. Awwww. It makes me feel good to know that my words matter. 🙂 I just started writing this long comment and I think it’s a blog in itself…be watching for it Leisa!

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