New glass bead colors…

Harvest Moon glass lampwork bead lori greenburgThey’re not really new colors and definitely not new to me but the combinations are. You probably can’t recognize it but I know what went into the components it takes to make these beads. You see, I have this thing for complex pulled stringers. They’re really not that complex and I don’t mean the ones that are all twisted up. I’m talking just layers over layer of glass that are then pulled into stringers. The effects are subtle but powerful. That means, when it’s bad, it’s bad, but when it’s good, it’s REAL good.

So, every once in a while I go on this kick of making those custom pulled stringer…usually for an idea I have in mind. Most times those projects haven’t worked out…or you would have seen them. BUT. I have that pack-rat mentality of ‘someday I’ll use them’ and they all sit nicely in a Ragu jar tucked behind my usual glass. Most times I pull them out and give it another try, having forgotten what I used to make them in the first place. Most times I’m disappointed.

But not today. Do you agree? I get the feeling that this looks like some of those mish-mosh-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of beads out there right now but honest folks, that wasn’t my aim. But those others probably paved the way for my acceptance of this new style in my own eyes.

colored harvest moon glass beads lori greenbergSo, I’m back to the fall colors. Harvest Moon I call these, which is kind of funny because the word ‘harvest’ gives me the creeps.

Not to let all of you bright color lovers out there down…here’s a splash of color for you. I hope to be doing more of these too, as soon as I can acquire a few more components thatI need.

Whaddya think?  eBay 99-centers?  Do I have the stomach for it?

3 responses to “New glass bead colors…

  1. These are amazing. I love the organic feeling of the design and the color combinations are rich and sumtuous.

    Beautiful work! It resonates with your soulfulness.


  2. That’s sumptuous! Argh…spell check..anyone?!

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