The one that sent me packing…

ugly bead lori greenbergThis is it.  This is the bead that sent me on my mini creative sabbatical.  I should have known better.  Going orange is a sure-fire way for me to be pushed over the edge.  What was I thinking???

Do you know how many layers of dot application are on this bead?  In the larger dots alone there are EIGHT dots that were placed (not so well) and melted flat inbetween.  Those smaller aqua dots?  Don’t even ask because there is a lot more going on there that didn’t translate well and then the green dots that are about 3 layers themselves. 

Ug-adocious I tell you.  And you know what makes it worse?  I did it all around this bead so it’s double the work and double the ug-factor.  Ugly.  Ugh.  Yick Yick Yick. I hate it when I waste this much time on a bead.  But I guess in the grand scheme of things it tells me…go back to what you know grasshopper.  You ventured into the unknown and it was good.  But you went too far.  Go back to your roots and try again another time.

Maybe etching.  Or fusing it.  Or painting over it.  Or just throw it out the dag-blasted window.

4 responses to “The one that sent me packing…

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have beads of my own that Ive reacted to the same way you have to this one. Now I know its not just me who does this!

    Orange is a very confrontational colour, and one Im not comfy with myself – but it has its aficionados. It could be just be waiting for one of them to come along and discover it.

    But then, theres a bead of mine here on the desk that if anyone knew I made it, well, Id be mortified…so Im off to make Frit!

    Cheers, Lavender

  2. I still believe that some day, orange will click for me. Until then, I’m not going to beat myself up. I do love the Lauscha transparent orange.

  3. I like this little orange misfit bead! It’s got chutzpah! It’s the little orange bead that could. It’s funktastic! It just needs to be surrounded by happy pink, green and fuchsia beads and it will bloom.

    Or maybe not. I do like it though!

  4. Okay…maybe blue, green and black beads…hullo! I was imagining it had pink in it for half a second there!

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