Studio Series – Beaded curtain…

…kind of. Here, in my particularly packed-with-lotsa-colorful-stuff-for-making-beads work station you see something hanging from my ventilation hood from bent open paper clips. It looks like a glorious wad of hanging color. If you look more closely toward the back you can see a string of Fran Lizardi’s beads hanging there too…they’re so cool! Anyway, what are those things and why are they there?

bead curtain, kind of.  glass beads

I’m glad you asked. No, they’re not the start of a beaded curtain. They’re long hat pins that I put beads on and then clamped with a bead stoppers and then hung them up. They are usually beads that I made the day or days before and I need them nearby for reference so I can see what I want to do again and what didn’t work. Check out the close-up:

You might recognize some of your beads on there and lots of them that have not seen light outside the studio. The thing is, even if I don’t think they’re appealing enough to sell, like I said before, a lot of anything looks good so I’m starting my beaded curtain. Luckily my hoods are strong and sturdy and can hold a lot of weight!

3 responses to “Studio Series – Beaded curtain…

  1. They look so luscious hung together – a beaded curtain made of such beads will be fantastic. They all look good enough to sell to me!

  2. Wow. I’m loving all your colorful beads!

    I may have to get over my chromatophobia too!

  3. Oh man. You guys are killin’ me. You’re making me want to do more brights.

    You can do it, Linda! When the time is right, brights will click for you.

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