Beady compartments…

There is so much going on I don’t know where to start.  Ok…maybe not that much going on but the voices in my head are shuffling a lot of things around.  Are you all getting tired of just seeing very similar looking beads every day?  Do you see how boring the designing process can be?  Lots of stuff that is pretty cool but isn’t quite there yet.  The good news is, I haven’t stopped writing about other stuff.  The bad news is, I don’t know whether to show it to you or not…I’m chicken.  I guess I could put the disclaimer stating that you’re entering at your own risk and if you like me well enough by reading my bead nerd (bead related) blog maybe you shouldn’t go any further and blow your image of me.   I would very much like your comments on what you like to see…if this bead stuff is enough for you or if you’re missing the ‘old me’ that scatters a little bit of everything in the mix.

stepping stone glass lampwork beads lori greenburg

Anyway, here is a next step in my work and I have really mixed feelings about these.  I am in love with the process that creates these richly textured areas of color but I’m not sure where to go from here.  Do I like it enough to pursue it and refine it or should I start with something else from scratch?  Do they have potential or have I crossed that line?  They kind of make me want to go back to straight lines and dots and large areas of straightforward color.  On the other hand they are really interesting to me.

glass lampwork compartment beads lori greenberg

Here are some that have been acid etched.  I shoulda’ known better…although again, if I used the right combination of colors, maybe they would work.  I have half a mind to post on one of the glass forums and ask for a critique but I’m afraid to hear it.  Would you help me out here?  Any comments?  Ideas?

There is a story behind these beads too and I’ll share it just because.  If/when this series is finished, the meaning behind them will mean a lot more…that is how I will know when I’m done…the story feels told.  They’re an exploration of how we compartmentalize things in our lives.  Whether it be emotions, friendships, beliefs, groups we belong to, etc…the things that we might keep separated in our lives rather than being one integrated being.  A lot more can be said and done with that.

7 responses to “Beady compartments…

  1. cool stuff! when I look at them I’m not sure if I want to pop them in my mouth and eat them or wear them around my neck;-)

  2. Lori, I like direction these are going a lot! The glossy ones are very beautiful and I see the compartmentalizing concept. They have an organic, brainy feel to me. But they also look like rows of flowers, like a very tightly packed garden, like one of those maze gardens.

    I really like the organic shapes of the etched ones, but frankly I am not a big fan of etched glass. I like to see the glossiness of the glass, otherwise it looks a little like polymer to me. Of course, that might be what you are going for…I know you used to work in polymer clay.

    They are very interesting and a nice diversion anyway. I am excited to see these progress!

  3. Thanks y’all. Sometimes being so engrossed in something skews how it looks to you. I’ve found beads from months previous that I thought were mediocre but after being out of sight for a while I actually thought, “wow, did I do that?”

  4. I really like the look and feel of your new beads, especially the etched ones. Very unique. Even though the etched beads don’t look as much like glass as the glossy ones, the feeling is very organic and reminds me of what you would find in a tropical sea. Coral or anemones. I can imagine seed bead fringe all around them.

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  6. These beads rock the house, Lori!!! I really extra super like the new look. I hope this is a look you hang on to and use over and over. LOVE IT!

  7. With a comment like that, how could I not do more? These might have to be the ones that are in my higher priced category because man, do they take a long time to make. Just the pulling of the multiple layered rod alone. But I do love it. Hmmm…you got me thinking, as usual! Thanks.

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