Ruby frit reigns supreme…

So here’s another thing I’ve been working on. I’ve renewed my love affair with ruby frits, as you might have noticed from the beads I showed yesterday.

ruby treasures glass lampwork beads

Last year I was obsessed with ruby frit over opal yellow. Now I’m in a white kick…I’m putting it under everything. Tonight, I used my last rod. I can’t believe it…I never run out of anything. I’m one of those people that start to panic if I have less than a pound of a color. One of my new years goals was to order less and let things run out before I majorly stock up. Never fear, my white shipped yesterday and will be here soon.

I found that it’s kind of cool to run out of things that you really need because it forces you to be creative. What’s that old addage? Necessity is the mother of invention? Something like that. Earlier today, in an effort to conserve white I started using a light gray base and heavily coating it with white enamel…another of my favorite things. You probably can’t tell it’s enamel unless you look around the holes of the beads and see some gray peeking out. But decorating atop enamel, even if it’s the same color as a rod color gives different effects. I love how stringer behaves on enamel.

Also, tonight my kiln wasn’t cool enough from the days run so I couldn’t make more beads. Instead, I experimented with some complex pulled stringer. Again, no big rods of white so I started encasing other colors and came up with some really cool results…they remind me of Satake glass in the softness of the color. I can’t wait to see what I can do with them tomorrow.

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