Great little pendants make great gifts…

This is what I’ve been up to. More dots, smaller beads, but not as small as small dot beads. Of course, I can’t have just a solid base of color so I had to frit ’em up. Even the larger dotted beads that look like they’re solid colored base are coated with thick layers of enamels. There is just something about straight-from-the-rod color that turns me off. Who knows though…it could be my next passion.

dotted art bead pendants

I can’t stop making them, and why should I? The day will come when I’m off to the next thing so I’ve learned to not say, ‘I could make these forever!’ because I know I can’t, or won’t. So, I ride the wave while it’s running.

I just love handfuls of beads and I’m convinced that more of any kind of bead is better. Alone these babies are great but look at ’em in a group…a group of anything. It takes a special mind to be able to appreciate one simple item but just about anyone can appreciate a picture of lots, don’t you think?

Oh, and did I  mention that these will be up on the web site as specials this week?  You’ll be the first to know if you’re on my weekly email list!

4 responses to “Great little pendants make great gifts…

  1. I love them, such fun.

  2. And to think you say you don’t work in brights!
    Those are great!

  3. Thanks Clare!

    And yep, I think I’ve overcome my fear of bright colors which I just found out was called chromophobia.

  4. claire maunsell

    Your beads give me hope. I am a glassblower (you know, the big stuff ) who is trying to make stuff I like on a torch. Since I worked exclusively with powdered Kugler, Zimmerman, Reichenbach, and Gaffer glass for years, I find the Moretti line somewhat disappointing. There is a kind of richness absent from the colours… and in my other glass incarnation I used a lot of white behind stuff to make the colours move forward. I think I will try using up all the frits and powders that I have left and buy some clear 96 COE to experiment. This is a longwinded way of saying that you are an inspiration. You even make me like dots – Yeah!

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