I hate Aprils Fools Day…

Who thought that up anyway?  Just so you know, if anyone plays a joke on me I will be very very very mad and I make that claim in some form every year.  I know…it’s an open invitation for my dad to do something.  I hope he doesn’t read this today.  I am one of those people that hate to be tricked, fooled or scared.  Not even for fun.  It’s not fun.  What part of ‘fool’ is fun?  I can hear my sister laughing at me here.  She loves to be scared.  I guess being the fool-ee is fun.

I’m the person that turns the channel on the Brady Bunch when I know that someone is going to be scared or is having a joke played on them.  I hate to see people embarrassed…me especially.  I hate it when you go around the room in any group as an ice-breaker and the topic is, ‘Tell us your most embarrassing moment.’ Um…we’re trying to FORGET those…that’s why they’re called embarrassing.

I’m the person that can’t stand Halloween haunted houses (forget about the real thing, you might as well just shoot me now).  There is a person on-line who has a creepy room in their basement that they talked about once and every time I think of them torching down there I cringe.  It still scares me.

Can you tell I have a little anxiety over April Fool’s day?  I like to just pretend it doesn’t exist (like some other holidays) and just go about my business hoping everyone else has forgotten it too.

Maybe it’s because I come from a long line of fire-fighters and I think practical joking is in their blood.  Or maybe it’s because I have relatives that think it’s funny to scare the crap out of their other relatives by telling ‘Legend of Chapman Lake’ stories every year at the family reunion to little kids sitting around the campfire and then having a shriveled, masked person jump out of the lake at them.  Or convincing teenage nephews that there have been sightings of man-eating fish in the lake and then springing a huge rubber fish on them.  While I love to hear the stories I’d hate to be at the end of them.

I even had an uncle (I think it was an uncle) that sat in a closet for a long time, waiting for a nephew to come into it where he jumped out at him in an old man’s mask and trench coat.

Then there is my Greer.  My little 3 year old Tasmanian devil who loves to be scared.  She loves to be startled from around the corner and loves to be held upside down…alternating between panic and laughter.

Have a great day, everyone, and may it be fool-less.

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