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I don’t get shoe lovers…

experimental glass bead lori greenburgHow many times can one person step on tiny shards of glass, in a glass studio, where tiny shards of glass are known to live, before they realize it’s time to start wearing shoes? While that seems like a hypothetical question, it isn’t. So I ask, when will I learn?

Since moving to Arizona 10 years ago I have developed an aversion to shoes. Definitely an aversion to shoes that require anything more than sliding my foot in. I do wear tennis shoes (are they still called that?) when I know I’m going to need long-standing comfort. But other than that I wear big clunky slip ons or flip flops. Yay! It’s flip flop season again.

Now, not that that flip flops are that much of an inconvenience that I couldn’t be wearing them in the studio but my feet don’t like anything on them. They tell me this. And I know, I know, open shoes are not the best for flying glass safety either. I can’t work with shoes on for some reason. I was concerned that at my demo this weekend that I’d want to take my shoes of and work barefoot. Don’t ask me why. My feet have nothing to do with my work.

As I think about wearing something at least on the bottom of my feet for safety from stepping on tiny pieces of glass I hear a voice in my head telling me, ‘But it really doesn’t happen that often, and when it does, it’s really not that big of a piece of glass, and you do get them out pretty easily, and it really doesn’t hurt for that long. It’s worth it.’ What kind of reasoning is that??? Put on some dang shoes Greenberg!

Oh, and obligatory bead reference (see how long I was able to stay on track with only talking beads and bead business? A week? Maybe two?) The bead shown here is an earlier experiment with the encased stringer cane in shades of purple. Once again using a large band of color and some dots to fill surface area in order to not have to place as many dots. You guys aren’t falling all over these and you really should be because I showed them at the demo and they were well-loved. I hate when I hear ‘you really need to seem them in person’ but it’s the truth. I’m going to bring lots to my show in August and then Tucson in September. This design is a winner if I do say so myself.

So, it was Monet’s then Stitched beads and now these…still don’t have a name for them but they will be my line this year, for now. I can’t wait to be called to the earth tones some more. I’ll still have some Stitched beads for a while too since they’re still popular.


Everything I know…

Quick update before I run out.  I’m off to the ASGB’s demo day where I will attempt to teach everything I know in one hour and 45 minutes.  When requesting ideas for beads one time, Kalera Stratton, the Bead Wife (don’t you love that bead on her home page???), suggested making one bead with every technique I’ve ever known.  I thought, no way, I couldn’t possibly make that work.  Well, today just might be the day.

I’ve titled my demo “Everything I know:  Tools, enamels and frit”  I plan on showing a Monet bead in the Large nugget shape with bear hugs on the sides.  That will cover encasing, frit, enamels and a tool shape.  A stitched bead that will cover more enamels and specifically applied frit as well as encased stringer and layering of transparent colors in a hand shaped, organic tab form.  And then I’m stumped.  But I’ll come up with something.

I’d better go pack up my stuff as I have to leave in about half an hour.

I just added a new tag for the blog, “tutorials”.  I’ve been a bit stumped for topics since I’ve splintered off to another blog for non-glass related posts.  And glass bead tutorials don’t really fit over on the Art Bead Scene blog that I write for so I decided right now that I’ll start putting up some tutorials.  I’ll start from simple techniques for beginners and work my way up to more complex things.  Everyone is invited to email me and let me know what you’d be interested in seeing.  If I can do it, I’ll show you and after I do mine I’ll link to others out there that I find too.  So let me know!  Don’t be shy!

Organize your desk…

You know you need this.  I know I need this.  Twelve Tips for an Organized Desk.

Don’t cringe.  They make a lot of sense and what could it hurt to try?

I especially like #8.  I have post it notes everywhere and many times I never go back through the piles of them to look at them until it’s too late.  I like the one, centralized area for notes that I can just skim right through.

Which of these works best for you?  Any other tips?

Creative process continues…

glass lampwork beads elusive lori greenbergHere is the next step in the process.  The last versions that I showed were with two different colors separated by the ribbon cane.  I thought to myself, ‘I really like the orange, why not try it on the entire bead?’  So I did and I’m glad I did.  I don’t think it works as well with the other colors (the purple and celadon) because they aren’t as intense where the edges of the dots meet.

The other thing you see that is different on these beads are the large bands of transparent colors.  Those came about as a solution based approach rather than a design idea.  You see, all of those little dots take forEVER to apply to the surface.  My thinking was, ‘what can I use to take up more surface space so I don’t have to cover it with so many dots?’  While I like the concept of the bands of colors, I don’t like the execution yet.  They’re too high off the surface for my liking and I would like them to be more nestled in the dots.  I do like the organic shapes though…it goes nicely with the organic design.

The current set on eBay is in the orange theme with the aqua dots.

Follow my creative process, if you can…

elusive glass lampwork bead set lori greenburgI told you I’d be back. Better late than never.  I’ve just been feeling a bit stumped as to what to write today and I think it meant that I needed to spend a little more time with my kids.  So, tonight, after a school picnic fund-raiser we watched tv.  Together.  I don’t watch much tv (unless it’s right before I go to sleep and I can Tivo).  But tonight we did.

I would have to say that one of my guilty pleasures is hokey pre-adolescent tv shows.  I don’t know if that is the correct definition of ‘guilty pleasure’ but for some reason I just love those shows.  Tonight we watched ‘Go Figure‘ about a young girl that wants to train in ice skating.  Looks as if there is a series now too.  The movie was enough, thank-you-very-much.  I won’t bore you with more of what we watched because this wasn’t what I set out to write about here anyway.

The beads.  More ‘Shivers’ beads, although I haven’t named this series that.  These are just a handful of quickie experiments to see colors together.  As you can see, I made three in the one color scheme and I am wondering to myself, why?  Wouldn’t one be enough to see if the colors work?  But then I remembered why.  My theory that a bunch of anything together always looks good but just one bracelet-sized bead can look very mediocre.  A few or more can strike you.  So that’s why.  I have to give them a chance to strike me.

So, why only one of the other kind?  Because I knew as I made it that it didn’t work.  Not that the colors didn’t work but that extra stripe of black along the ribbon cane didn’t pan out as I hoped so I didn’t waste my time making more.  You see, I do have a whole process, even when I’m experimenting.  It’s what I call my ‘methodical creativity.’

I have many more to show you but I thought I’d do them in order and give a running commentary on the process.  So, stick around.  Bookmark me.  Maybe even subscribe up there on the right.

See my most current ‘shivers’ beads on eBay.  Even though they’re not called Shivers.

New Auction on eBay – Elusive…

New eBay auction today and it’s HOT!  I’ve also added a couple more beads to the store and will be adding more tonight.

I’ll be back to post later so for now, go shop.

Tap into creativity in motion…

As I’m working today I’m starting to formulate what I will show and talk about at the Arizona Society of Glass Beadmaker’s demo day this Sunday. I have a chunk of time to fill and there is so much to tell. I think I could show everything I know in that amount of time but have been told is unrealistic and modest…hee hee.   There’s that thing of needing to wait for the glass to melt….if only I could work as fast as the words that come out of my mouth…I’d be able to teach everything I know in ten minutes or so.

I am realizing that I have more to say about the creative process and being unique, or trying to be unique, and developing a style than I do about the actual techniques. I’d rather teach and inspire creativity than how to pull a stringer and put in onto a ball of glass. I wonder if that’s even something you can teach; creativity, that is. Or if anyone is even interested in that. I try to share as much of that as I can here but oh to talk about it in action! That is when the words and thoughts are fresh and raw…while in the zone. The other thing I wonder about is whether I’d go into the zone while demo-ing in front of a large group.  It’s one thing to have it going on in your head but for it to actually come out of your mouth?  Interesting concept, I think.

shiver beads glass lampwork lori greenbergShown here are some more beads a la the Shivers set that is on eBay for a couple more hours…These haven’t made it into a set because I’ve been trying different color combinations.  I’ll show more as the days go on.  In the meantime, I’ve veered back into focals again…small affordable ones this time and I’m going to explore a set that matches one of them so I can keep up my eBay promise of having a killer set up regularly.  I do think I should do more sets for the specials though, don’t you?