Flashback Saturday…

My buddy Melanie over at Earthenwood Studio just started her Flashback Friday series where she shows you some of her older work and I’m thinking I need to jump on that band wagon.  She’s one clever cookie.  Of course, it’s not Friday so I’m going with Flashback Saturday.  I know, not very original but try finding a word that means the same thing as flashback that starts with an S.

I don’t think I have as many years to draw on but, maybe I’ll just go back to the days when I was doing polymer.  Ugh.  Forget I said that.  That could have been “Scary Saturdays.”  pomegranate utopia glass beads

Anyway, check these out.  They were from my Utopia series in the pomegranate theme back in 2002.  Now you know why I stopped naming my beads something other than a brief description and a number.

2 responses to “Flashback Saturday…

  1. Serendipity Saturday…
    Saturday’s something…
    Something for Saturday!
    …I had to try. I like to name things.lol.
    …Love your blog. you write well.

  2. I like ’em. How about Sumpin’ sumpin’ Saturday? Or maybe just Stumped on Saturday.

    Thanks Sheila!

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