Bead Review – Book 2

Bead Review Book 2 2007The Bead Review – Book 2 is here and I believe it’s available for order over at Brad Pearson’s Art of Beadmaking site.  It’s a great little book on heavy glossy paper that gives you a little peek into the artist’s process.  I won’t say much here because I’ll be reviewing it soon over at Art Bead Scene.

I will tell you though that a set of my stitched beads made it in so, I’m excited about that.  I’m especially excited about the great commentary I received with my bead from Inara Knight.  I’m not sure why, if there is any reason at all, but I’m the only one she wrote about.  Maybe no one else knew what to do with me…hee hee.  She couldn’t have been the only one that liked them or they wouldn’t have made it past the jury.

On other beady fronts…I couldn’t understand why people stopped buying the stitched beads all of a sudden.  Well, if there is a finite number of a product and that number of product sells out, there will be no more sales.  Can you tell I’ve never taken a business class?  Not that that isn’t something that is obvious, but I just plain forgot to keep up with that page in my site. Anyway, I will be adding more stitched beads to the stitched category of my store in the next couple days.  If you’re on my mailing list, I’ll let you know exactly when.

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