Eating quirks…

I have little quirks when I eat. Who doesn’t? Ok, maybe everyone doesn’t. If I am out with you at a restaurant and I’m having a sandwich and chips, just know that you had better not reach for one of my chips because I have this very scientific formula going in my head whereby each bite of sandwich will be combined with the perfect bite of chips so that they both are finished at the same rate. Ask my husband.

brownie pan with more edgesI also don’t like to share until I am full and don’t want anymore. I know. I’m selfish that way. But my husband had better let me have whatever I want off of his plate, if I want it. And if we go for sushi? What I order is MINE. What you order, we all share.

And who out there loves the edges of brownies? Nice and chewy! Is this pan not genius or what? Edges for all my friends!!! You just never know what you’ll find when you come here, do you?

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