Treasures revealed by weather…

first roses in arizona desertRemember when I wrote a couple months ago about spending all day planting roses?  Well, here is the start of the fruit of my labor.  What is is so satisfying about seeing something you plant come to life and bloom?  I wonder how a farmer must feel.

We had a really nice rain the other day and when that happens the water runs like a river at the front of our road.  It reminded me that I haven’t seen any roadside inspiration lately.  For those of you that haven’t been with me very long, I have this weird curiousity for stuff that is left by the side of the road.  In my instance I also get to see what the rains bring when the washes run.  At the opening of our road today there was a huge section of fencing that came from the construction site across the busy road.  How powerful water is to be able to wash a whole section of fencing that far.  Unbelievable.

That brings to mind images of the Katrina disaster and other images I’ve seen that people post of rain storms, or other instances of weather that uncover things in ways that we don’t normally see them.  Cathy of Aardvaark Art* comes to mind.  She posted pictures where flooding rains floated bags of garbage in the street and then again recently when she posted piles of melting snow revealing discarded or lost toys being revealed.  Why is that so interesting to me?  As a child I used to love to go to the dump in Minnesota with my grandfather too.  We used to look for beercans when collecting them was a really big thing…or it was to my cousin Jeff anyway.  Not that we ever took much home with us (as far as I remember) but it just seemed like so many treasures were there.  I’m scaring myself now.

*I didn’t give you the link to Cathy’s site today because I didn’t want your first image of her blog, coming from mine, to be of what she has up today.  Of course, you curious minds will now go search for the link and see for yourself.  But at least I can say I didn’t lead you to that!  If I could have linked directly to the posts I was talking about I would have but her blog doesn’t have that capability.  Rush over at your own risk.

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