Separating good beads from really good beads…

bright dot round spring easter bead lori greenbergOh heck, now I can’t find the comment that someone made about my do beads.  Maybe it was over on Lampwork Etc.  Something to the effect that it’s not the colors that are as important as the ones they’re next to.  How true that is in this bead.  Bubblegum pink against a lovely froggy green.  While I’m not a big fan of pink (although that can change) I am a lover of tree frog green.  Mix in a little purpose and you have a nice little combination, don’t you think?

It’s interesting to me how my polymer clay caning background plays out in my glass work.  That is quite unexpected.  You see, when caning (and I trust this is true for glass too but I’ve never tried caning) you get the best effects when you separate your colors by either a thin band of black or white.  That way, the colors don’t bleed together and it makes the actual colors stand out.

See how there is a band between the purple and green?  That provides more definition.  It would be even better if I would have put white under those raised green dots too.  But they’re still cool.  Those are the kinds of touches (I think) that separate the really good beads from the good or average beads.  So, I would say this is a good bead but not a really good bead.  (Because I didn’t carry that level of attention to detail to all parts…just some).  So, that is a note to myself…pay attention to detail!

One response to “Separating good beads from really good beads…

  1. That’s a good tip about the white band between colors. I never thought about that before.

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