Can enemies be avoided?

bright dotted glass lampwork easter bead lori greenbergI don’t know why but I’ve been running across quotations about enemies.  Is that a little negative and intense or what?  The thing is, they’re good quotes and make a lot of sense.  Not that any of us want enemies but I guess we all do have them.

My sister had what I would call ‘enemies‘ while growing up.  I think it was more that people were jealous of her because she was popular, and nice…not always a combination you get in one person…at least not according to all the teeny bopper movies.  Anyway, I used to tease her that ‘everyone loooooves me.’  Ha ha ha…that was only true, as far as I knew back then, because I was a wimp and I was in the business of doing whatever it took to make people like me.  There wasn’t anything in me to dislike, unless you had an issue with people who didn’t have backbones.  My sister would just laugh at me and say, ‘yeah, right.’ 

But as I’ve grown older I’ve developed ‘enemies’.  Not so much people that are out to get me that I know of, but people who differ in opinion.  I think a lot of times that comes with getting older.  We get more set in our ways and have formed more opinions based on life history…not that that doesn’t happen when we’re younger too.  Also, it matters how vocal we are.  We can have some pretty strong opinions and beliefs but if we keep them to ourselves, others don’t know enough to differ with us.

So, on to the quotes that have been popping up.  

“Only a person who is insignificant will not have enemies.”

This one was from an NPR show that I’ve forgotten since I jotted it down.  I think this one has to do with the being vocal thing.  If you have something to say and you say it, someone is going to disagree.  I think the stronger the statement and opinion, the stronger and more the enemies.  That doesn’t mean that the statment isn’t true or valid…there is just always another side to every opinion. But isn’t that a great quote?

“Having a rival is a state of mind. They’re only a rival if you let them be.”

Oooo.  That’s a good one too!  While someone might be your rival, if you don’t give them the power in your own head they can’t be your rival except in their own head.  Easier said than done, huh?

The last one is:

“Your enemy’s enemy is your friend.”

Interesting how that one works.

So, what’s up with all this enemy stuff coming my way?  Is there something more that I don’t know about?  Or did you just need to hear this today?  Can you avoid having enemies?  Should you avoid having enemies?  Or should we take the approach that someone is only our enemy if we let them be?  I like that one.

4 responses to “Can enemies be avoided?

  1. Lori, you sure don’t seem like someone who would have many enemies… you must have a deep, dark secret you’re not sharing!

    Either way, I gotta tell you that todays blog bead rocks!!! It positively glows!!! Quite marvellous! …and you say your not a bright color girl!

  2. Ha ha ha…it’s deep and it’s dark. But you’d have to come to the cabin retreat to hear all about it. 🙂

    Thanks for the compliment on the bead. Something happened and the bright colors are clicking!

  3. uuuuhh, I like that second quote!!

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