Beadmakers blog ring…

If you’re a bead maker in any media (ceramic, glass, felt, metal, paper, pods and seed carvings…) and you blog you might want to join this ring:

Beadmakers Blog Ring

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It’s part of a bigger project that I’m working on with a group of art-beadmakers and I’ve been given the ‘okay’ to share this part with you.  Tell all of your blogging friends and link to it from your own blogs.  We hope it gets huge and brings you lots of traffic!

2 responses to “Beadmakers blog ring…

  1. Hiii Lori,

    I found your blog through Bead Makers Ring but I know you from wetcanvas as well.
    I love your beads. Especially those dots series are gorgeous.
    I’ve just started to work with a press and your pressed beads are a big inspiration for me.
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you! I’m having a lot of fun with the dots. I had to make myself get off the torch last night or I would have kept going.

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