Transformation beads…

<>Ok, just for bolimasa who commented that I can’t tease like that.

Plain Jane bright glass beads

(Yesterday’s little post). Well, sorry to let you down but here they are. Like I said, nothing particularly new as they’re just bright colors with lots of dots stacked up. Totally not me but I fear that these beads are what I’m turning into. Me? Bright and cheery? Well, I wouldn’t go that far.

What am I talking about? Well, something is happening. Something inside of me is transforming, and while I have no idea what that means it just feels real and I’m trying not to form it. I’m trying to follow it.

4 responses to “Transformation beads…

  1. …and they are beautiful!!!

  2. I like them Lori, and I don’t think they are plain or common at all. I can definitly see that the person that made those is experienced. Your size is so consistant, your color choices are cool and there are layers!! I think it is great that you are exploring different directions and I love reading about it.


  3. Nice color combinations. I’m a bright color kind of person.
    Bright and cheery can be a good thing! I think it’s great.
    Your beads are fantastic and the sizes are so consistent.

  4. Those are bright and cheery! Classic too though. Nice beads!

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