Studio Series – Workspace Clean-up

I know you all love to see artist workspaces.  Well, I do anyway.  I blogged about my workspace about a month ago when it was a mess.  I don’t know if you can tell but, it’s gotten worse. 

Lori Greenberg Messy Workspace

The pile of stringers has gotten deeper.  It’s so messy with so much going on I can’t even get a clear picture of it because the camera can’t decide what to focus on.  Check it out:
Lori Greenberg Messy desk close up
The good news is, I’ve cleaned it.  Gasp.  It really didn’t take that long. Don’t pay attention to the time on the clock…it didn’t really take me that long.  After I cleaned it I just couldn’t wait to sit down and start working so it’s a little used here but not much:

Lori Greenberg clean workspace

Now, isn’t that much better?  How did I let it get so messy?  Well, I just couldn’t stand to get rid of stringer ends so I’d just lay them on the tabletop.  I used to throw the teeny shorts into a jar and then just pitch the jar and leave the longer ones on the workspace to grab and use at will.  I’m going back to that method because it got so overwhelming that I just brushed the contents of the pictures above right into a trash bag.  Anyway…I feel so clean and I bet you feel so much better for me too.

6 responses to “Studio Series – Workspace Clean-up

  1. WOW! What a transormation! Good job girlie!

  2. Wow! That was quite a transformation! I recently cleaned up my studio BUT it’s a pig sty once again. That’s what happens when you are busy working.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration!!!! (Or should I say cyber-butt kick?!) – You helped motivate me to clean my studio yesterday too!….Then I blogged your blog again… hope you don’t mind!
    Have a great day!

  4. Ok Lori, now that you’ve done your workbench, can you come and do mine? Smile!

  5. Thanks everyone, I’m glad it could prove inspiring. Maybe you’ll catch the bug Cindy! I’ve decided that I will leave my space messy until after shows and when I get back and am in the funk, I’ll clean! Next show isn’t until September.

  6. How in the hell are you supposed to work with all that shiny stuff distracting you? Want me to come over and get rid of all that cleanliness for you, girl?

    BTW…… you are about to be written about in bold print for all six of my readers to snort over. Please go visit your privates at LE?

    Thank You.
    President of S.C.A.T.
    (Stop Cleaning Art Tables)
    Sheryll aka Ms. Booger

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