Blogging for business or fun?

Tangerine Nugget glass lampwork beads lori greenbergSomeone snap me out of it.  I’ve been kicking around blog things with  some friends and my head is spinning.  Sometimes I think I need to just live in a cave so that I’m not influenced by what is around me, so I don’t compare myself to what is going on out there.  Or, imagine, just learning to stay centered in my own stuff.  What a novel idea.

You know that I had a poll asking what you like to see here.  All beads all the time or various combinations of bead talk with business and quirky story stuff.  And as expected, you all like a combination of it all.  Lotta help you are.  You see, I have this dilemma…I haven’t been able to focus lately and I’m once again contemplating what I want to be when I grow up.  No, I’m not leaving the glass bead world but I’m trying to figure out if I need to focus more on the business side and not be so goofy here.  Or so loose.  To focus more on pointed, well thought out, planned blogging or not.  I see these blogs out there that are so good about focusing on their business and their customer base and who they want to attract, etc. and I just wanna be me.  But the people that are attracted to ‘me’ (ha ha) aren’t necessarily the ones that want to buy my beads and I’m trying to decide if this blog is about being me and having fun or a tool for my business.  ::sigh::  I’m opting for fun and hoping for business.  Who said technology makes our lives easier?

I hate it when I have identity crises.  Crisis?  Criseses?  You get the point. 

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