turquoise harem focal lampwork bead lori greenbergThat was really strange. I just lost my whole post again, which is probably a good thing because it was pretty disjointed and rambling. I just wanted to let you know that mojo came home. Or at least it feels like he did. I can’t wait to open the kiln and see what he did. It’s flashing 144 degrees at me but I know better than to open it before room temperature. If a few months that will be room temperature. It was supposed to hit 89 degrees here today but it only got to high 70s I think.

Anyway, have I told you lately that I love Lauscha glass? I haven’t done much with these new color of the month colors but I finally got around to messing with the striking orange and yellow transparents and, as my mom has the kids saying in their best Rachael Ray voices, Yumm-O…and I’m not a Yumm-O kind of gal.  It’s amazing how satisfying the color orange can be when you find a really really really, and I mean really, nice one.  I’ll show you tomorrow.

Do I seem excited enough?  Well, it’s about time because I was seriously starting to worry.  Now I can’t wait to get to the refining process.  It’s such a strange cycle for me.  Here’s how my creative process goes:

1.  I’m lost.  No designs.  Lots of ideas lost in translation.
2.  I play and create a lot of garbage.  What seemed like a good idea just doesn’t happen.

3.  I start to worry when my work continues to be garbage.  It just gets worse and worse and I wish I lived in a tall building so I could throw them all out the window.  Maybe I’ll start doing that anyway.

4.  Panic.  I’ll never have anything new and worthwhile again.  I’m doomed.  I’ll never make it.

5.  I contemplate going back to my most recent style but I just can’t.

6.  I go back to basics…whatever that is.

7.  I get a great idea and feel really good about it.

8.  I open the kiln the next day and it’s AWFUL.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

9.  Something starts to take shape and I make some cool, but rough and raw designs.

10.  I start to refine the designs into something cool. More ideas come.

11.  I get them where I want them and go into production.  The new line is born.

12.  I do a cycle of shows with the designs…some of the beads even inspire jewelry.

13.  Shows are over and I’m tired of looking at the most current designs.

14.  Take a week off and start at #1.

15.  Remind myself, I love making stuff for a living.  I love making stuff for a living.  I love making stuff for a living.

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