Mr. Mojo fallin’…

This isn’t the clearest picture but this is the precursor to a vacationing mojo. 

It was the start of my inventory for the Spring Tucson Best Bead Show.  People always ask ‘How much should I bring?’ to which I reply, ‘As much as you can’.  If you do shows regularly, too much is never enough.  That means, you can always use it at your next show, or in jewelry creations, or sell them online, etc.  They’ll never go to waste.

tucson bead show inventory 

So why is this the precursor to a mojo gone awol?  Well, Tucson was the last show of my first full-year show season and I had been in production mode for at least 7 months.  For me that means detailed, thought-out lists of beads to make and days upon days of making those beads and checking them off the list.  That is, very little true creative time and designing, with additional no-brainer orders inbetween.  I made and sold so many stitched beads that I feel ‘done’ with them as they are and not motivated right now to take them to another level. 

My mojo has been sleeping during this time and I don’t know how to wake him up.  There is the big blank spot up in my creative center and I’m not sure what to do with it.  I find myself going back to basics, which is always a good thing, but I feel like I’m going backwards (for me).  Precise Dots and lines on solid base beads.  It’s all I’m able to think about right now and that is just not me.  I’ve been working organically for a long time.  Different.  Earthy and somewhat raw.  Where are these geometric line designs coming from?  My mojo is either on vacation or rebelling and I feel like I need to give him space to do his thang.  That’s a little scary to me because I’ve started to build a customer base that likes the unique and funky and I feel that lines and dots are neither unique nor funky. 

It’s good for me to write about this because as I do, it starts to become more clear (clearer?) to me.  This is a little window into my process…how I think about designs and how I move to the next step.  How I get out of a funk and come up with something new for me.  So, as I hear myself (or my inner critic) say that ‘lines and dots are neither unique nor funky,’ I answer myself with, ‘Who says so?  It doesn’t have to be that way so just stop it and go take lines and dots and turn them into something of your own.’  I once wrote that I like to take the ordinary and turn it into something unique.  I guess that’s my ‘back to basics.’

Do you have these kinds of inner dialog?  You should.  Because we all have the inner critic, why not develop its nemesis and fight it?  I think I need to come up with a catchy name for it.

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