Pink cheeks…

Grovers rosey cheeksToday I get to research blogs.  Grover developed some weird reaction on his face yesterday morning and it was worse today.  He has no other symptoms so I just thought he was reacting to a new body wash.  He doesn’t have allergies so I wasn’t alarmed, and it was mild.  So, on the way to school we picked up some Benadryl and asked the front-desk teacher for scissors to open the packet ‘because Grover was having some kind of reaction.’  She smiled and pointed me to their stand-up lucite document display that prominently read: 

Your child has been exposed to ‘Slapped Face’ Disease. 

Have you ever heard of that?  I do have to say that I love this school for many reasons…one of them being that they tell you to what and when your kid has been exposed and have information sheets printed out for you from the ‘Instructions for Pediatric Patients, 2nd Edition’ book waiting for you. 

So, it’s not dangerous (except to pregnant women) and there is no treatment.  For some reason it didn’t seem weird to take him to school with a rosey face but it felt weird to leave him there with something that they announced was going around.  So, he’s home today.  It lasts 1-3 days with mild body rash off and on for up to 5 weeks!

So, today, he plays Lego Star Wars and I surf for new, fun blogs for you.  I’m still debating about starting up that blog roll thing.  Maybe I’ll do that today if you promise not to abandon me for something cool I turn you on to.  I guess I’ll just have to keep it happening so you come back to find more.

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