Monthly Archives: March 2007

Flashback Saturday…

My buddy Melanie over at Earthenwood Studio just started her Flashback Friday series where she shows you some of her older work and I’m thinking I need to jump on that band wagon.  She’s one clever cookie.  Of course, it’s not Friday so I’m going with Flashback Saturday.  I know, not very original but try finding a word that means the same thing as flashback that starts with an S.

I don’t think I have as many years to draw on but, maybe I’ll just go back to the days when I was doing polymer.  Ugh.  Forget I said that.  That could have been “Scary Saturdays.”  pomegranate utopia glass beads

Anyway, check these out.  They were from my Utopia series in the pomegranate theme back in 2002.  Now you know why I stopped naming my beads something other than a brief description and a number.


Another interview at the Art Bead Scene…

Hey y’all.  I’m getting a little tired of myself so this is the last one for a while, I promise!  There’s an interview of me up over at  The info is different than the one that was on Bead Arts, and it has different bead pictures.

Bead Review – Book 2

Bead Review Book 2 2007The Bead Review – Book 2 is here and I believe it’s available for order over at Brad Pearson’s Art of Beadmaking site.  It’s a great little book on heavy glossy paper that gives you a little peek into the artist’s process.  I won’t say much here because I’ll be reviewing it soon over at Art Bead Scene.

I will tell you though that a set of my stitched beads made it in so, I’m excited about that.  I’m especially excited about the great commentary I received with my bead from Inara Knight.  I’m not sure why, if there is any reason at all, but I’m the only one she wrote about.  Maybe no one else knew what to do with me…hee hee.  She couldn’t have been the only one that liked them or they wouldn’t have made it past the jury.

On other beady fronts…I couldn’t understand why people stopped buying the stitched beads all of a sudden.  Well, if there is a finite number of a product and that number of product sells out, there will be no more sales.  Can you tell I’ve never taken a business class?  Not that that isn’t something that is obvious, but I just plain forgot to keep up with that page in my site. Anyway, I will be adding more stitched beads to the stitched category of my store in the next couple days.  If you’re on my mailing list, I’ll let you know exactly when.

Just some blog stuff…

A couple things today before I come back later for my real post.  Over there on the right I added the ability to subscribe easily via a feed reader.  That means that you can use a little service to track the blogs you read and they’ll let you know when there are new posts.  No more checking and seeing the same post you’ve been seeing for days.  Saves time!  Or, you can subscribe to get posts sent to you via email.  See?  There’s something for everyone.

And second, I wrote an entry on regarding market diversification.  I got a few interesting comments too…I’m finding that you can learn a lot from comments.

You like big beads?

Don’t look now but, it’s a 99-center on eBay. And I don’t usually make ’em this big so jump on it!

large green stitched glass focal bead

Eating quirks…

I have little quirks when I eat. Who doesn’t? Ok, maybe everyone doesn’t. If I am out with you at a restaurant and I’m having a sandwich and chips, just know that you had better not reach for one of my chips because I have this very scientific formula going in my head whereby each bite of sandwich will be combined with the perfect bite of chips so that they both are finished at the same rate. Ask my husband.

brownie pan with more edgesI also don’t like to share until I am full and don’t want anymore. I know. I’m selfish that way. But my husband had better let me have whatever I want off of his plate, if I want it. And if we go for sushi? What I order is MINE. What you order, we all share.

And who out there loves the edges of brownies? Nice and chewy! Is this pan not genius or what? Edges for all my friends!!! You just never know what you’ll find when you come here, do you?

I’ve been stumbling…

lampwork turquoise silver necklaceI will never have a lack of blog content again.  Not that I have any problem coming up with something to write about.  I’ve been stumbling.  While I only know the basics right now I can tell that it will be a new time waster.  It’s addictive.  Once you get it set up, all you have to do is click a button and it connects you to a site within your set of interests and they are cool!  They’ve all been rated by other stumblers so you won’t get any really bad sites, I don’t think.  You just wait to see what I have in store for you already.

On to the real stuff though…this necklace is the other creation to match a bracelet of mine that a customer bought at the Bead Museum.  They include my heavenly raku beads and lots of sterling silver wire-wrap and turquoise.  I might just have to start wearing jewelry myself.