Yay or nay on the beads?

Teal Nugget Glass BeadsYay or nay on the beads.  I think they’re looking pretty elegant.  They’re time consuming so I only got 2 done in this color scheme and went back the next day to make more and only got two more done and realized that I left a step out so they’re more of a greener teal color.  So, rather than a set I’m offering eclectic pairs this week.  (not up yet, but if you’re on the mailing list you’ll get a notification when they are).

You beadmakers out there might wonder, why so time consuming?  They’re just dots and lines. What you might not realize is that there are three layers to this stringer work.  Remember my harping on layers being the key to depth of design?  Yep.  That means every dot and stripe of color you see on these beads consists of three applications of very thin string(er)s of glass.

<>They’re the same style as the beads on auction right now, the Tan and Black ones that I showed a few days ago.  I’m wondering if they’re exciting enough to continue on in this vein.  I mean, everyone does lines and dots, don’t they?  What else is there to do in a straightforward stringer design other than swirls?  Don’t answer that, there are tons of things.  Basically I’m asking, even though the process of these is more complicated than meets the eye, is the design too elementary?

<>It’s confusing to me because the past, at least, year has been working with enamels, frit and organics.  This new work is a more clean look and it just feels funny to me.  One thing I can say is that I’ve been enjoying making them…which is not something I’ve ever been able to say about precise stringer work like this.  In the background I have been messing with some new designs but they haven’t struck me enough yet to show you…I’ve been accumulating lots of nice wonks that will eventually be a fused something-or-other…or not.

Anyway, when I say something like ‘I’ve been enjoying making them’ you know I need to do more to get them out of my system or they will haunt me until I do.  Another reason they take a bit longer is because I’ve been using that wonderful Lauscha black glass and it melts slower.  On top of that, this is a bigger size than you may think.  21mm square by 11mm thick.  I’m waiting for a smaller size tool to arrive so that should make it go a little quicker and thus more enjoyable.

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