GossipOk.  Don’t run away on me when you see (or hear about) this one.  Something you might not know about me but may have been able to guess is that I am interested in outsider art.  Unconventional art.  With shows and inventory behind me for a while I have the opportunity to do some more creative work (if you call this creative).  And not that my show inventories aren’t creative but these are the times when I’m coming up with next years inventory ideas.  Don’t worry…this won’t be what I’m offering to my mainstream customers at next years shows.

Anyway, one of those things to work on was a submission for an exhibit by the ISGB called ‘Metamorphosis:  the life cycle of a glass bead’.  Let me first just say that that title told me that it meant glass beads.  As the day got closer I read more carefully and realized that it was for glass bead jewelry and while I’ve been wanting to start working on these kinds of pieces for a long time, it didn’t fit the criteria and I missed the deadline for a jewelry piece.  BUT.  Blogging is a great thing because I just went to their site to provide the above links for you and I see that their deadline has been extended…there just might be hope for me.

So, why Gossip?  As I said in an earlier post, my inner workings have been taking over my pieces, starting with the Stitched beads.  I’ve always wanted to do pieces that speak to social issues but it hasn’t felt right yet.  Lately I’ve been wanting to express myself and use my art as a tool for healing.  I love to read stories or hear about troubled artists and writers and how they express their inner workings through their art…my counselor mind finds it morbidly interesting.  Like Edgar Allan Poe or Vincent Van Gogh.  Andy Warhol to an extent.  Possibly even Brittney Spears soon, eh?  While I don’t think of myself as disturbed (though some might wonder) I do have the same issues as everyone else.  Old hurts, new hurts…issues.  They’re all around us.  We all struggle with something.

This piece happened as it is becoming more and more apparent to me that words hurt.  Whether they’re said directly to someone or behind their back.  Whether they ever know it or not.  Whether they’re true or not.  Words in the form of gossip have no redeeming qualities.  None.  Zero.  Before you call me a hypocrite I will admit, I’ve been on both sides, as have most of us.  Being on the side of being talked about by others hurts.  It has helped me to see that I have hurt others too…whether it be directly to them or the fact that I participated in gossip and didn’t stop it.  The latter I feel even worse about.  I let waters be poisoned and that is what I am trying to work through with these pieces.  Believe me, I have a lot more to go…whether I show them or not.

In relation to the Metamorphosis entry idea, this unfinished piece represents what gossip can do to you.  Not how gossip hurts people, but how it can distort you when you’re a part of it and participate in tearing someone else down.  It makes you ugly.  It made me ugly, especially on the inside.  Yuck.  Hopefully some day I will be able to show you pieces of beauty after I am able to say that I handle gossip around me in a better way, and within myself.  Who knows…maybe then I’ll even be able to do florals.

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