Sharing blogs…or blogrolling…

Amber Pod BraceletThere is a thing called ‘blogrolling’ that is when you have a list of blog links that you read, right on your own blog.  I realize that I can be funny about sharing interesting blogs that I find, for many reasons and it’s really weird.  I go on kicks where I search for new and unique blogs and when I find what I think is interesting I put them into my Bloglines, which is a reader that consolidates all of your blogs.  Blogs must have a ‘feed’ in order to work with Bloglines and more and more people are using readers like this to optimize their blog reading experience.  So get a blogging software that uses feeds!

Anyway, I love to follow links from other people’s sites but I don’t like putting links on my own site. What is that all about?  I think it goes back to an old hoarding/protecting issue but we won’t go into my psyche right now.  So, I will try to be more forthcoming in my blog sharing…maybe even start a blogroll at some point?  One step at a time.

So, the first one I want to share is a blog that is an awesome art/craft business blog of a professional.  We see lots of amateurs out here, like me, building out businesses but still relatively new.  This one is from someone that has been around for a while and really seems to have it down but also is real about what it takes and her journey.  Luann Udell of Durable Goods was a pro back in the day when I was doing polymer and she continues.  I hope you will find inspiration and great information at her blog, just as I have been doing.

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