A favorite customer of mine…

First Dibs Bright Glass Focal Bangle BeadDo you remember this bead, or the ones like it?  There were two of these.  You know of my ongoing struggle with bright beads but people loved these!  Lightly etched and a big mish mosh of color.  Just because the colors don’t appeal to me, they sure do to others and yes, I need to do more.  Any suggestions of what you like?   Anyway, you also know that I don’t pride myself on being a jewelry designer either.  (But I’m working that one with encouragement from Melanie of Earthenwood Studio…I just love her stuff).

Well, I got a visit in Tucson from one of my favorite customers, Donna Fuchs (Penguins Nest).  You can see some of what she and her students have done with these beads at that link.  AND.  If you’re anywhere near Canton, Ohio, where she’s located and want to take a class on jewelry making with lots of silver, contact her.  (I hope that’s ok to say).  She was wearing some of her pieces in Tucson and my helper/mom wanted to buy them right off of her.  I have to tell you, if I were a jewelry-wearing person I’d want her stuff too.  Very cool, unique designs that use silver wire-wrapping with really funky beads.  Go see for yourself!

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