Black and Tan on eBay. A little bead talk today…

Well, I decided to get back on eBay. I’ve been meaning too for some time because it’s a good way to help people find my web site. So, we’ll see how it goes. Plus, I have more time now since I’m not pressured by show inventory and preparation. Here’s the most recent set and a little background below:

black and tan glass beads on eBay

It’s been a while since I’ve made a set. I got sucked into the thrill of making larger focal beads, which is funny because I never thought I would like that. Just another reminder to never say never. I should know better by now…every time I even think that, it’s only a matter of time before I’m involved in that very thing. So I make it a practice not to rule things out.

<>Anyway…the beads. I’ve had this pound or so of black Lauscha glass laying around for about 4 years. I think I was saving it for a special occasion because it’s more expensive than other black glass. In the meantime I’ve been struggling to get through 10 lbs of black Vetrofond glass that I stocked up on because it was less expensive. ARGH. I hate that glass…it devitrifies just enough that it frustrates me just looking at it. Is any devit not frustrating? Yes, I use the EDP devit to my advantage. Anyway, I must have gotten a bad batch but it was too late to return it by the time I got to it so I struggle through trying to find other uses for it. Almost done but more Lauscha black is on the way…it’s worth the extra cost.

<>Last week I wanted to make Black and Tan beads, which I’ve never done, but felt the urge. I knew the black glass would give me fits and would be a waste of time time and then I remembered. I had some Lauscha black somewhere. I found it. It reminded me why I love Lauscha glass so much. Out of my own character I will say that it is ‘dreamy’. Can you believe I said that? Dreamy. I mean, just look at them.

<>And the tan. Wow. Once again I am reminded that layers add depth and elegance. In the not so distant past when I would attempt beads of this type of design (dots and lines) I would use one base color with another color for the dots and lines. Blah. How flat that can be. But make those same dots and lines with three layers of stringer work and BANG!

Another thing. What is UP with dots and lines? Since when do I do that? It’s more along those lines of following where my creativity takes me.

Side note: I think it’s funny that I don’t really think of myself as creative but here I sit making a living making things. But I guess you don’t have to be creative to do that.

So my whatever-you-want-to-call-it took me to Black and Tan Dots and Lines. And I was diggin’ it. I want to do more. How long have I been making organic-like beads now? Well, all that work at the torch paid off. I went back to the more detailed work and the sweet spot of the flame found me. Yes, it found me. It just happened. I’ve longed for that. I’ve searched for it. I’ve cursed the fact that I couldn’t be there. Last week it found me. And then I ran out of propane. HA! But not for long.

Enjoy! What colors would YOU like to see? Leave me a comment…I’m on a roll.

2 responses to “Black and Tan on eBay. A little bead talk today…

  1. Those are great! What a wonderful set. You’re really on to something there. Totally off the charts.


  2. I would like to see something with turquoise and coral together. Sound too southwestern?

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