I love being a grown up…

Aqua Mixed Glass Lariat NecklaceDo you know what I love about being a grown up?  Being able to decide what I want to eat and when.  Yes, my whole family is sick today and I actually had the nerve to suggest we bring in Indian food.  Doesn’t that just sound like the best thing for sick people?  Well, you see, if I would have suggested that at any other time in my life I probably would have gotten the response that “oh, that wouldn’t be good, they need chicken soup” or something like that.  But now that I’m the grown up I can decide it and take the licks if it makes everyone worse.  I mean, what do people in India eat when they’re sick?

Ok.  I know I’ve been a grown up for some time now but I just really enjoyed that today.  It’s the small things in life.  I still get the upturned nose from my husband when I want to eat left-over Chinese food for breakfast but I can handle that…especially because his 16 year old son joins me when he’s here visiting.

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