Cycles of creativity…

<>Glass Bead Amethyst Ruby Pod BraceletSo, the DayQuil kicked in and cleared my head a little bit but the propane gave out.  Wouldn’t you know it.  I must have worked a lot more lately than I thought because I could have sworn that I just filled it.  I do have a spare tank but it’s Saturday (when I’m writing this), usually not a work day, and I’m just not up to changing it.

<>Anyway, do you find cycles in your creativity and the way you work?  Whether they be regular or just recognizable phases? I only notice it when I don’t really have a plan.  I mean, when I’m creating inventory, that is a plan.  When I’m focused on filling a big order, that is a plan.  When I need to meet a writing deadline, that is a plan.  Right now I have things to do here and there but I’m being driven to just make work.  I will be working on something and then stop in the middle because I am driven to make a certain something, or try an idea.  Most times I can put aside those urges in order to finish what I’ve started out on but since Tucson, my work has been driving me.  I’m using the word ‘work’ here for the process of making things, not the regular office work that it might infer.

I think I’ve touched on the fact before of the work (art) taking over and what a great feeling that is.  It is something I have always longed for but rarely achieve.  I am so enjoying it while it’s happening because my experience has been that it doesn’t last.  Maybe this time it will?  Do you know what I’m talking about?  I’ve tried to let go before and just allow myself, or whatever is in there that does it, to create but it was still so contrived.  And now I have no propane.

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