Me vs. sickness…

red heart lariat necklaceWhooo!  Head cold in full bloom and I’m feeling a bit loopy today.  Now you know that’s the start to a good blog entry.  I don’t get sick all that often and I still refuse to admit that I’m actually sick right now…witness the fact that I just finishedsome office work and am getting ready to jump on the torch for a while.  Are those the actions of a sick person?  I think not.  On the other hand, I feel like everyone around me is constantly sick.  There is truth to that in that someone is always sick, even if it’s not the same person over and over.

My husband and I come from different worlds when it comes to being sick…or maybe it’s a guy thing?  He believes in pampering whereas I belive in ‘suck it up.’  I have been known to say, ‘It’s good for your body to be sick once in a while.  It makes you slow down and recharge and builds your immune system.’   I feel sorry for my kids when they get a bit older.

With that philosophy in mind I can usually fight through a sickness and drug it out of me with NyQuil.  But then there are those times when it fights back and says, “Um.  No.  You will rest and I will make you rest.’  I’m having one of those battles right now.  Bring it on!

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